Grupo Planeta


A new way of communicating

Communication no longer knows any frontiers. Internet, radio, television, film, mobile telephones and even the organisation of events, converge in a single path marked by a new multimedia concept. Television series on Antena 3 are premiered on the internet, which also acts as a promotion driver and opens up new commercial possibilities. Radio opens up a line of contact with its listeners through different websites and blogs. Mobile telephones offer another window with great possibilities: Mobile TV. All of these interact and feed each other; this is the new communication.
The convergence of technologies and of the three screens saw its initial development with the launch of the 3.0 project. A new way of watching television was thus born: “where you like, how you like and when you like”. A concept that has meant that the Internet is no longer just a place to find what is broadcast, but a medium in which new contents and services specifically designed for the online audience are generated and consumed.
ATRESMEDIA has developed interactivity with radio and television programmes and, above all, within the website itself, with its users. It is for this reason that visits to the company’s websites are maintaining continual growth, as are video downloads.