Grupo Planeta


An innovative, high-quality online education platform

With the creation of AulaPlaneta, introduced as a pilot project in 2011 and now present in over 1,500 education centres around Spain, Grupo Planeta aims to contribute to the educational change being experienced in our classrooms today, as part of its commitment to the future of education in our society.

AulaPlaneta is a platform that incorporates information and communication technologies into the world of education, combining them with the importance of essential contents. This online educational environment enriches the classroom and along with it, the process of teaching and learning. Students improve their skills and capabilities, while for teaching staff, the preparation and presentation of classes as well as student assessment are all made easier.

The enormous volume of audiovisual and interactive contents available is adapted to the curricular contents of the different subjects for primary and secondary education, which allows teaching staff to create the script of their own presentation, giving them access to all kinds of suggestions for activities and exercises.