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Deep down, the finest selection

Since it was launched, in March 2008, BackList has been offering readers excellent editions that crucial works of indisputable quality that could not be found in the bookstores to be rescued from oblivion. Fundamental titles, the finest translations, full texts enriched with comments by the most eminent specialists and with the guarantee of a careful editing and production process.

BackList is fuelled by the talent and genius of brilliant classical and contemporary authors. Thus, although the Clásicos series – presented in excellent quality editions, with the utmost care taken of container and content – constitutes the backbone of its catalogue, the Contemporáneos series, divided into Fiction and Non Fiction, opens the way for more recent novels and essays and adds enormous literary value to this publishing imprint. For its part, the Selectos series covers poetic anthologies, selected works by certain masters, and small treasures that revel in their uniqueness.

In summary, in this catalogue authors coexist of the stature of Charles Baudelaire, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Camilo José Cela, Charles Dickens, Gustave Flaubert, Antonio Gala, Pere Gimferrer, Homer, Victor Hugo, Jorge Luis Borges, Ana María Matute and Terenci Moix.

BackList is, in short, a publishing backlist and a select bookshelf; a communion between publishers, bookstores and readers thrilled by reading material that survives the passing of time.