Grupo Planeta

Círculo de Lectores

The largest community of readers in Spain

Círculo de Lectores came into existence in 1962 with the mission to take book reading to every home in Spain. In 2010, the entry of Grupo Planeta gave new impetus to the project, since it brought together the experience of a cultural agent that has played a key role in expanding reading habits in Spain over the last half-century and that of the leading publishing and multimedia group in the Spanish-speaking market. Today, Círculo de Lectores is the largest reading social network in Spain and it boasts over a million members, which it reaches through a broad network of agents and through catalogues, the Internet and club areas in bookstores.

For its part, since 1999, Cercle de Lectors has been the leading reading club in Catalonia and it boasts over 50,000 members. Círculo also publishes in the Basque and Galician languages, which have their own catalogue. The year 2006 saw the opening of Tu Círculo, the club devoted to younger readers, which now has over 50,000 members, and which corresponds to Círculo’s commitment to encouraging reading in childhood, one of its identifying traits from the very start.

In recent years, Círculo has entered the digital world with force, with numerous projects geared towards making the most of new technologies in order to reach more people and in different ways. Highlights among these projects include the creation of its own digital imprint, Arrobabooks, and of Nubico, a major platform for the commercialisation of e-Books, in partnership with Telefónica.