Grupo Planeta


The leading education centre in vocational and technical distance learning

A distance vocational and technical training center with more than 70 years’ experience in the educational sector, which has trained more than 3 million students. It provides higher and medium vocational training course in the modality of free examinations called by Spain’s autonomous regions. It also provides its own technical training and courses providing access to regulated studies, such as the school leaving certificate, high school leaving certificate, and university access for students over 25 years of age.

The main goal of CEAC is to provide flexible training that suits the needs of each student. It also provides a personalized care service and accompaniment by a team of professionals specializing in each area of training. 

The main advantage of the CEAC educational model is that training is employment-oriented and is designed to adapt to the needs of the professional market at all times. The practical part is essential in the CEAC educational model, so that students can acquire knowledge with the necessary rigor to successfully enter the labor market.