Grupo Planeta

The Core

The beat that drives the industry

The Core is the only university school born in the largest audiovisual hub in Europe, Madrid Content City. From inside the entertainment industry, for the first time, those who are looking to train in the field of entertainment can do so in direct contact with those who inspire, create, and generate employment.

The idea behind The Core is to bring together in the same space the people and resources that feed the content industry: publishers, scriptwriters, producers, audience analysts, programmers, animators, managers, etc.

While each academic program is specific, students and teachers of different disciplines work together to enrich their vision and build connections that can also develop outside the classroom.

Here, they will have access to the knowledge and tools they need, naturally. But, above all, the heart of a business that turns collaboration, experimentation, and technology into its creative weapons.

Those who want to boost their careers in platforms, networks, production companies, or social networks should know that entertainment content has never had so much space nor its professionals so much to teach.