Grupo Planeta

Deusto Formación

Benchmarks in online ongoing training for professionals in the business world and new technologies

Deusto Formación was established in 2005 as the ongoing training center of Grupo Planeta providing a wide range of online training programs in business and new technologies.

It currently works with Universidad de Salamanca, through its Foundation and through the Universidad Internacional de Valencia to provide two qualifications in several of its training programs.

Deusto Formación is also an official Sage and Autodesk training center and an authorized certifier of Adobe, gold-standard brands in their industry. 

The Deusto Formación teaching model is designed so that future students can balance training with their professional and personal lives and so that the course content can be applied practically and immediately. 

The experience acquired over time leads us to update and develop our portfolio of courses in order to provide high quality and fundamentally practical ongoing training. The areas that make up our courses focus on the development of skills, knowledge and abilities that are most relevant in the business setting. 

Adapting to a labor market as competitive as that of today is a challenge for our students and for our faculty. This is why we not only develop rigorous, practical, and flexible programs but we also work to provide permanent personalized care so that each day of learning provides a new boost to the professional growth of our students. Our students also have access to the job exchange managed by Randstad.

You can find out more about Deusto Formación and its range of courses on our website.