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EDC Paris Business School

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The EDC Paris Business School was founded in 1950 and is the oldest and currently one of the best business schools in France. Its teaching model is centered round the entrepreneurial spirit. Its diploma (with the official recognition of school-leaving certificate + 5 years of higher studies) confers the qualification of master’s. EDC Paris BS has a network of 15,000 alumni in 77 different countries.

EDC Paris Business School is a member of the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles), which confirms the high level of its teaching and its international vocation, with more than 100 associated universities throughout the world. Its academic excellence, its innovative teaching model, and the links it maintains with companies allow it to provide practical knowledge adapted to the needs of today’s market.

In 2016, EDC Paris BS received the EPS international accreditation and joined the UGEI (Union of Independent Grandes Écoles). With more than 5000 business leaders among its graduates, EDC Paris BS has a history and mission characterized by the entrepreneurial spirit and aimed at business creation in France and the world.