Grupo Planeta

Ediciones Ceac

Publications with training, educational and family-oriented themes

Ediciones Ceac offers informative, user-friendly and carefully presented books through three editorial lines: Profesional, Educación and Familia y Hogar. The aim of the Profesional catalogue is to offer training for professional workers, mainly in the construction and automotive sectors.

The books in Educación, aimed at sector professionals such as teachers and educators in general, deal with issues of current importance such as pedagogy, discipline, study techniques, integration, motivation, skills development, children with special needs, classroom activities, etc.

Finally, the Familia y Hogar line covers books of a practical, user-friendly nature on topical subjects – especially parenting, relationships, health, diet and hobbies – which offer answers to the concerns of all members of the family.

The most outstanding titles published in 2010 are Queridos Abuelos, by Paulino Castells; Tartas dulces y saladas, by Maxine Clark; 10.10.10, by Suzy Welch; ¡No quiero ir contigo!, by Nora Rodríguez; Sushi Fácil, by Fiona Smith; El arte de preparar cócteles, by Ben Reed, and La escuela contra el mundo, by Gregorio Luri.