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Ediciones Península

Essay and current affairs from a different perspective

Founded in 1964, Ediciones Península is a leading publisher that proposes a different view of the world today, history and the latest social tendencies, without overlooking travel books, sociology, economics and politics.

Península has become consolidated as an indisputable leader in the field of human and social sciences, especially in subjects such as philosophy and history, without overlooking the biographical genre and major issues in international politics and cultural intervention. Together with its prestigious collection Atalaya, which aims to close the gap between a broad and varied reading public and tendencies in contemporary thinking, a highlight is its elegant Imprescindibles collection, which encompasses major classics from this imprint’s catalogue plus some very noteworthy recent incorporations.

Prominently featuring among the authors of Península are Salvador Giner, Javier Sádaba, Pascual Serrano, Arsenio and Ignacio Escolar, Alfredo Grimaldos, Jorge Verstrynge, Juan Francisco Martín Seco, Santiago Auserón, Vicente Verdú, Manuel Hidalgo, Ian Kershaw, Richard Evans, Christian Salmon, Ahmed Rashid, Terry Eagleton, Marie-Monique Robin and Vijay Prashad, among others.