Grupo Planeta

Editorial Empúries

A diversified offering, for all ages and in Catalan

Editorial Empúries came into existence in 1983 and has formed part of Grup 62 since 1996. It offers a varied catalogue that gives readers access to the best of Catalan literature and works by the most emblematic contemporary foreign authors. With over 1,100 titles published, Empúries has forged its singular personality within the Catalan book market, thanks to the high quality of its translations, the careful production of its texts and, above all, a prestigious and coherent catalogue where long-established authors coexist very naturally with new voices, commercial successes with minority literature and very diverse genres.

Empúries consists of three main editorial lines: narrative and essay by Catalan and foreign authors (Narrativa and Anagrama-Empúries collections) and general-interest essay (Biblioteca Universal Empúries).

Empúries publishes the winners of the Marian Vayreda Prize for narrative prose and the Just Manuel Casero Prize for short novels.