Grupo Planeta

Editorial Planeta Grandes Publicaciones

Worldwide leader in the publishing and commercialisation of cultural products and major works

Editorial Planeta Grandes Publicaciones was founded in 1956 and is currently the largest direct sales organisation in Europe and, with its subsidiaries in Portugal and Latin America, a world leader in the commercialisation of major works. It has a network of 24 branches and commercial offices around the whole of Spain, from which it coordinates a thousand professional staff.

The commitment of Editorial Planeta Grandes Publicaciones is to the creation of quality products that cover the whole family’s cultural, training and leisure needs. Its works are found in the collections of universities, libraries, educational centres and institutions, which vouches for their rigorously high standard.

Its catalogue of products is the broadest and of the greatest quality available in the Spanish and Portuguese languages. Its range runs from major atlases and encyclopaedias (Ars Magna, Gran Enciclopedia Planeta, Historia Universal, Historia de la Literatura Universal, etc.) to leisure and cultural works (Rutas del mundo, Reservas de la Biosfera, etc.). It also includes children’s collections that accompany little ones in the learning process (Planeta Hoobs, Crecer con los Lunnies) and school support educational products.

Over the course of its history, it has been a pioneer in the publication of works with audiovisual complements and in the introduction of digital formats and online publishing. It maintains alliances with imprints and institutions of international prestige such as the UNESCO, Disney, BBC, Philips, LG and Toshiba.