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Gestión 2000

Practical and enjoyable books for staying abreast of the business management

Since its creation in 1987 Gestión 2000 has specialised in works on business subjects and it is currently one of the publishers of reference for authors and readers in the management sector in Spain and Latin America.

Its editorial line covers a large variety of business issues, such as sales and marketing, finances and accounting, communication, human resources, operations, quality, economics and management skills, among others. These are practical books that make enjoyable reading, with a modern aesthetic and aimed at man-agers, young professionals and anyone who wants to remain abreast of business practice.

Its most outstanding international authors include David P. Norton, Robert S. Kaplan, Philip Kotler and Jim Collins. And its most outstanding national authors include Risto Mejide, Oriol Amat, Pablo Fernández, Alfonso Durán-Pich and Juan Carlos Cubeiro.