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Inesdi Business Techschool

More than 10 years helping over 5,000 students to become professionals in the digital world

Inesdi Business Techschool trains professionals in the digital field and helps companies to get their employees abreast with all the latest digital innovations. The school’s teaching methodology is aimed at providing training based on a practical approach that enables professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge based on real case studies.

Aware of the changing environment, Inesdi works to ensure that all content taught is up-to-date and fully takes into account all the latest trends in the industry.

The school offers different formats so that students can choose the one that best suits their needs: on-site campuses in Madrid and Barcelona; the online campus; or in-house company training.

All Inesdi’s study programmes focus on the digital business sector and teach towards the most in-demand careers in the industry. The subjects include, among others: Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, Business Intelligence, Big Data, DevOps, and Digital Project Management.