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Institut Franco-Américain de Management

A French business school that uses an American education system

The Institut Franco-Américain de Management (IFAM) is a business school that, alert to the increasing globalisation of the world of business, offers – entirely in English and following the American education system) – a degree in Business Administration and an International MBA. Since its creation, the IFAM has focused on studies of cases directed at encouraging initiatives, confronting points of view and making decision-making possible with the aim of obtaining the best possible solutions.

Created in 1982, the Degree in Business Administration was the first to be run in France, in association with universities in the United States. Through the adoption of the American system, the IFAM opened up its teaching programme to the discovery of real practices in companies.

As for the IFAM’s international MBA programmes, they were the first to be developed in France in 1986. The IFAM offers two MBA programmes exclusively in English, developed in response to the expectations of students and of businesses alike.