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Objetivo Bienestar

The magazine for learning better ways of living

Learning to live and feel better. With this spirit, in September 2014 Prisma Publicaciones launched Objetivo Bienestar, the first women’s health and contemporary lifestyle monthly magazine, produced to the highest standards and with a visually attractive design. Its creation followed the launch of the ATRESMEDIA corporate responsibility campaign of the same name, which invites people to feel good and improve their quality of life through three main approaches: a nourishing diet, physical activity and a healthy mind.

The magazine Objetivo Bienestar acts as a kind of personal coach for women, who are increasingly aware of the importance of health and emotional balance. Women who want to be up to the minute on health matters, who are concerned about what they eat, who are interested in their relationships with others and with their environment, and who want to feel good and enjoy a fulfilling life.