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Oh! Libro

Oh!Libro is the leading books recommendation platform in the Spanish-language market.

Finding out what to read next at Oh!Libro is easy and different. To achieve this, its recommendations are based on the feelings that readers want to experience as they read. The proposal uses different stickers, turning the evaluation of books into a fun process.

Thanks to its users’ opinions and a powerful algorithm, Oh!Libro is capable of calculating compatibility levels between a reader and certain books. A highly practical functionality for seeking out and discovering the best books to read in the future. 

Registering at Oh!Libro opens a gateway to numerous features, prominently including:

  • Calculating the level of compatibility between user and book.

  • Following favourite authors, influencers and bloggers to discover what they are reading.

  • Finding the perfect book for that special person.

  • Creating personalised lists in a simple way.

  • Participating in competitions and special promotions.

  • Receiving personalised newsletters based on the user’s profile.