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Onda Cero

The success of plurality, independence and balance 

With an audience of nearly 2 million listeners, Onda Cero is the third largest general-interest radio station in Spain and is a benchmark in credibility, plurality and proximity, thanks to a formula based on highly qualified professionals, a plural team of voices and a varied programming schedule.

Carlos Alsina is the voice of the morning with Más de uno, the morning magazine that combines information, opinion, entertainment and humour.

Another highly successful programme is Julia en la Onda, with Julia Otero, the afternoon magazine committed to debate and conversation. Her section, El gabinete, won the 2018 Premio Ondas de Radio award.

Every day, Juan Ramón Lucas points La brújula toward current affairs and opinion. Politics, international information, economics and sport are the guiding topics of the Onda Cero afternoon-evening news programme.

Every night, José Ramón de la Morena turns on El transistor and tunes into the best sports information and the main sports personalities.

Every weekend morning, Jaime Cantizano shouts out Por fin no es lunes, where entertainment appears in its purest form and with the carefree attitude typical of the weekend.

The programme with the most voices on the radio is Surtido de ibéricos, headed by Carlos Latre and the best team of comics in Spain: Goyo Jiménez, El Monaguillo, Leo Harlem, La Terremoto de Alcorcón, Miguel Lago, Leonor Lavado…

Gente viajera is the flagship programme of the tourism sector. Every weekend, Esther Eiros packs her bags to travel to the most attractive destinations.

Bruno Cardeñosa and Silvia Casasola are taken by La rosa de los vientos through the realms of the strange and unknown, travelling through a reality that sometimes collides with mystery.

Radioestadio is the weekend’s big sports programme. Héctor Fernández and Javier Ruiz Taboada put all the information on the scoreboard, with more minutes of commentary than any other programme.

Noticias mediodía and Noticias fin de semana, anchored by Elena Gijón and Juan Diego Guerrero, respectively, provide the news essentials.