Grupo Planeta


The only international university centre for studying Hospitality & Tourism in Spanish

We are an international university centre specialising in the training of leaders, senior management and technical experts in the Hospitality & Tourism sector with a passion for service and a multicultural approach.

Our mission is to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the industry in a sustainable way. We are committed to innovation as an application of new knowledge in the market; we promote the link between companies and institutions in the tourism sector and the hospitality industry to provide the market with new solutions. For this, we have agreements with around a hundred international companies that operate in and lead the industry.

Our course participants are the centre of our activity, and we aim to transmit to them applicable and practical knowledge, thanks to our methodology where they are the focus of learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Our main campus is in Barcelona, the only city in the world with nine different UNESCO World Heritage sites. Every year Barcelona receives nearly six million tourists and it is the leading city in Spain and the fifth in Europe in terms of the number of incoming tourists received. It is also the leading port for cruise tourism in Europe and is the third most important on the planet in terms of the number of international congresses hosted.

This privileged location allows us to link academic knowledge with practical knowledge of the management of the finest public and private organisations that lead the tourism sector and hospitality industry in Europe and the world. 

We also boast two of the best partners from the learning sector in Spain. Firstly, EAE Business School, Spain’s second top business school (MERCO Ranking 2014), which provides us with a fundamental management base and recognised experience in management training that has allowed it to train over 60,000 management staff in its 58 year-history. Secondly, the University of Lleida, Spain’s leading public university in terms of teaching quality (Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo) and recently distinguished as a Campus of International Excellence, which provides us with the high academic standards of our training.

We also maintain a solid international vocation that allows us to be familiar with and teach the best global good practices from our campus. For this, we have international agreements with different universities and university centres related with our sector for the exchange of knowledge, teaching staff and students.