Grupo Planeta


Where the future managers of the tourist industry are trained

Ostelea provides training in excellence with a thorough academic grounding for the future leaders, managers, and professionals of the tourist industry, based on a multicultural outlook open to the international world. Approximately 75% of its students are international and more than 50% of the faculty has international professional experience, thus combining their teaching activity with positions of responsibility in the main companies of the global tourist industry. This provides students with a critical, overarching, and international view of tourism.

The school maintains a close relationship with the business environment, which forms the basis of its programs and academic activity. The school has two campuses in the major Spanish cities of Barcelona and Madrid, ideal locations for tourism students, where the city acts as a study laboratory and provides students with a unique and special experience. Ostelea also has a campus in Rabat (Morocco) due to the strategic interest of developing tourism in that country. 

Ostelea is committed to innovation, business links and the understanding of the link between students and business as inseparable and the focus of its attention. Its mission is to contribute to economic, social, and professional development in a sustainable manner in the tourist industry. The school teaches MBAs and master’s programs in the main areas of tourism training.