Grupo Planeta

Universidad Internacional de Valencia (VIU)

The gold standard international university in online university education

Universidad Internacional de Valencia – VIU is the first online university of Planeta Formación y Universidades. It has at its core the mark of culture and the dissemination of knowledge in the Spanish language around the world, with a range of courses that meet the requirements of the real world and make it possible to differentiate and strengthen the professional profile of our more than 30,000 graduates. 

This online university with a global vocation provides students with more than 75 degree programs and master’s programs adapted to the real professional world, in the countries and communities where they work. 

Its main objective is to help people to develop their professional career wherever they are and at whatever point in their lives they find themselves. To this end, it has designed university products and services to meet their goals, ambitions, and circumstances. 

A 100% online training model that, every year, allows 9000 university students of 72 different nationalities to share experiences and knowledge in their own language.