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Zafiro eBooks

First digital publishing imprint devoted to romantic novels in Spanish

Zafiro eBooks is the first digital publishing imprint in the Spanish language that specialises in romantic novels, launched with the vocation of becoming a benchmark publisher within this genre. All the works it publishes are previously unpublished and its main objective is to create a reserve of new women authors writing in Spanish, as well as introducing readers to new and promising voices in this genre. It also enjoys the collaboration of well-established authors such as Arlette Geneve, Nieves Hidalgo, Megan Maxwell, Teresa Cameselle and Anna Casanovas, among others.

Zafiro eBooks publishes, at very affordable prices, new releases of varying lengths, from short stories to novels, which can be read on any kind of electronic device: computers (desk PC or laptop), tablets, smartphones or e-readers.