Grupo Planeta

Editorial Planeta DeAgostini

Leader in the publication of collectible works

Editorial Planeta DeAgostini, founded in 1985, is the origin of a major multimedia and communication group that currently ranks among the leaders in the creation, publishing and distribution of editorial, learning, information and leisure contents. In turn, it maintains collaboration agreements with important companies that generate contents such as Barillé, Disney and Lucasfilm as well as licences for the creation of collectibles with brands such as Citroën, Ferrari, Harley Davidson and Zippo.

Editorial Planeta DeAgostini focuses its business activity on the creation and publication of collectible works, which it markets in Spain and Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries in Latin America through its subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. It also maintains a well-rooted presence in the European markets of France, Belgium, Italy, and Portugal, and its works are published under licence in over 20 markets, including the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, and Japan.

The portfolio of collectible works from Editorial Planeta DeAgostini is very wide-ranging and is characterised by the constant launch of new releases; its works constitute a reference point for quality in cultural, learning and leisure contents and also for the children’s audience. This publisher releases its works through two imprints: Planeta DeAgostini and Ediciones Altaya.

At present Editorial Planeta DeAgostini is implementing an ambitious plan to increase its presence in the digital arena, with the incorporation of digital contents into its collectibles published in the classic style, plus the creation of fan communities online and the creation and dissemination of contents in digital format only.

The distribution of Altaya’s and Planeta DeAgostini’s collectible products takes place mainly through the newsstand channel, reaching over 100,000 points of sale, but also through direct marketing, which in itself constitutes an ad hoc publishing channel, and through direct sales, both for the classic collectible formats and the new digital formats.