Grupo Planeta


Over one hundred imprints in Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan

Foremost publishing group in Spain and Latin America

Grupo Planeta encompasses 100 publishing imprints all around the world, which publish fiction and non-fiction in Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese. Each year it publishes over 8,000 new releases – featuring classical and contemporary authors alike – with over 130 million books reaching the homes of its readers. The group is leader in the publishing of major reference and consultation works that also offer audiovisual and online support.

Top publisher in Catalan

Grup 62 heads up a group that contains 12 publishing imprints and is leader in publishing in the Catalan language, as well as a clear reference point in the publishing of fictional and non-fictional texts.

A reference point in the publishing of collectible works for newsstands and Spain’s leading publisher of comics

Editorial Planeta DeAgostini and Ediciones Altaya have 140 collections that are distributed at over 100,000 points of sale and are backed by Grupo Planeta’s long track record  in the collectibles area, over thirty years of  collaboration with Grupo DeAgostini and agreements with the main providers of contents worldwide. Planeta also features a broad offering of international comics, manga and Spanish authors, in printed and digital editions alike

  • Leader in the publishing market of Spain and Latin America.