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Casa del Libro

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Casa del Libro, the Grupo Planeta bookstore chain, was founded in 1923 and acquired by the Group in 1992. When it embarked upon its expansion plan in 1999 it had four bookstores, which have since been joined by new shops in various cities. Casa del Libro has 47 bookshops distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The bookshops are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, Gijón, Zaragoza, Ponferrada, Valencia, Gandía, Córdoba, Alicante, Bilbao, Vitoria, Vigo, Cartagena, Castellón, Málaga, Sevilla, Valladolid, Logroño, Santiago de Compostela and Albacete. The expansion has been based on two store models, according to location: shops measuring over 600 square metres in city centres and smaller bookstores in shopping centres.

The chain is a leader in its sector and its leadership has been endorsed by an increased number of visits by customers, who come to Casa del Libro in search of frontlist new releases, but also, and above all, of backlist titles.

Casa del Libro offers a varied range of services, prominently including personalised orders and sales to organisations and libraries. The breadth and depth of its database is reflected in the regular publication of catalogues specialising in different subjects and in the online presence of, which provides information to the five continents.

Furthermore, the activities organised on a regular basis at the bookstores, which attract many readers and members of the general public, reinforce the natural positioning of Casa del Libro as a cultural leader and a meeting point for authors, publishers and readers.