Grupo Planeta


All the information that a traveller needs

geoPlaneta is the publishing imprint that specialises in travel guides, maps and illustrated books on these same themes. Created in 1998, since 1999 geoPlaneta has been partners with Lonely Planet, the worldwide leader thanks to its independent information, and it holds the exclusive for the Lonely Planet guides to adapt them to the Spanish-speaking markets. It also manages the website, which attracts an extensive community of travellers.

The Lonely Planet guides in Spanish cover over 145 destinations in different formats and are completed with phrase books for over ten languages. geoPlaneta is adapting to the needs of the new generation of independent travellers with a vast catalogue, which comprises the collections Guías de País, Guías de Región, Guías De Cerca, Guías de Ciudad, Guías Lo mejor de País/Ciudad, Viaje y Aventura, Cheap & Chic, Itinerarios and Mi primera Lonely Planet.

In 2010, geoPlaneta launched its collection of pocket guidebooks De museos, another way of discovering the art of the museums in Spain’s main cities. In 2011, Acuarelas de viaje was created. This is a collection of travel notebooks that recover the classical tradition of this genre and allow a visual, different and thought-provoking tour around the countries through a set of watercolour paintings commented upon by their author.

In the maps section, highlights are the Atlas de carreteras de España y Portugal, the Atlas Universal Planeta and the compact edition of the latter.

Finally, illustrated books on the world’s great travellers, travel expeditions and exploration open up a world of adventures for readers through excellent photography and highly interesting texts.