Grupo Planeta

Planeta Cómic

National and international hit comics

Thanks to its international focus, without overlooking national comics, and its commitment to the very latest in its collections, Planeta Cómic continues to be highly successful after over three decades in existence.   

Highlights include the Star Wars and Conan el Bárbaro. The Japanese manga line is represented by such blockbusters as One Piece, Inazuma Eleven, Naruto, Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball and brilliant works such as Fénix, Monster and Pluto. National comics continue to successfully hold their own with works by the great Spanish-speaking masters (Azpiri, Altuna) and a commitment to new cartoon strip creators (Ernest Sala, Josep Homs). Finally, the European BD catalogue, devoted to classic authors of Franco-Belgian comics, publishes Millenium, Jeremiah and Murena, among others.