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École de Guerre Économique

Learning how to think differently

École de Guerre Économique was founded in 1997, following the recommendations of the French Economic Intelligence and Business Strategy Committee, presided over by Henri Martre, within the General Plan Commissariat. Since it was founded, the school has accompanied or initiated the major advances in economic intelligence. At the cutting edge of innovation, it is currently the only French center accredited to award the title of “Expert in economic intelligence”, level I, registered in the French national register of professional certificates (RNCP).

École de Guerre Économique was founded in 1997 to respond to the new demands of globalization. EGE is organized around three pillars: teaching (2 initial training levels, 1 M1 training level, and 3 executive training levels); research, and consulting (the Junior Economic Intelligence Company).

This center is a pioneer in Europe in terms of economic warfare and has designed a curriculum based on an interactive approach to economics, management, and geopolitics. The current digital revolution has led us to develop a new program on risk control, national security, and cybersecurity. Forming part of EGE means learning to think in a different way in order to meet the challenges of a complex and conflictive world, while meeting the challenge of the professions of the future.