Grupo Planeta

Editorial Planeta Ecuador

Enyclopaedias, major works, university editions and the most famous Ecuadorian authors

Editorial Planeta Ecuador commenced its activity as a distributor of encyclopaedic works in 1981 and later began to commercialise major works in instalments. In 2003, it consolidated its presence in the university sphere with the AULA division, whose sustained growth has positioned it as one of the main publishers in the university sector.

The dissemination of important new releases has made it the most important publisher in the Ecuadorian market. Since it was founded, it has gradually created a catalogue of authors, included together in the collection Autores Ecuatorianos, and prominently featuring the ex-presidents Osvaldo Hurtado and Rodrigo Borja, plus Gustavo Larrea, Jorge Enrique Adoum and Raúl Vallejo, among others.