Grupo Planeta

Grupo Planeta

A major publishing and media group

Grupo Planeta is Spain’s leading family-owned publishing, media and learning group and it boasts an extensive product offering at the service of culture, learning, news and audiovisual entertainment. In the years since Editorial Planeta was founded in Barcelona by José Manuel Lara Hernández, in 1949, the Group has become a multinational enterprise. It combines a solid business tradition with its capacity for innovation and its European and international vocation. With an especially prominent presence in Spain, France, Portugal and Latin America, connects daily with more than 25 million people.

Leadership in the publishing sector

Grupo Planeta leads the publishing market in Spain and Latin America and is one of the main publishing groups worldwide. It has more than 100 brands and publishing names in many countries, which cover all literary genres and involve the work of more than 7000 collaborators.

Multimedia (press, radio, television and internet) and audiovisual entertainment leader

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Grupo Planeta has achieved consolidation in new areas of business to become one of Spain’s leading media groups. It is a reference shareholder in the newspaper La Razón and in ATRESMEDIA, which comprises the television channels Antena 3, laSexta, Neox, Nova, Mega and ATRESERIES; the radio stations Onda Cero, Europa FM and Melodía FM; film and television production; online television and film websites and multimedia advertising management (on television, radio and the internet). Through these channels it also promotes awareness-raising campaigns relating to road safety, the environment and health. Furthermore, Prisma Publicaciones produces specialised magazines and offers print and digital publishing services for businesses and institutions.

A reference in distance and face-to-face learning

Grupo Planeta is currently leader in training, both face-to-face and online. It owns prestigious business schools in Spain (EAE and OBS), in France (EDC and ESLSCA) and in Morocco (Ostelea and ESLSCA). And it offers online graduate and post-graduate education with international projection from the University of Barcelona (UNIBA) and the Valencian International University (VIU). It also offers continuous training programmes through Deusto Formación, Deusto Salud and Atresmedia Formación, for working professionals who wish to improve their career projection.

An offering in numerous formats and channels

Grupo Planeta puts culture, news, leisure and entertainment within the reach of all people all over the world, according to their consumer and leisure preferences. We incorporate all formats possible in order to take our products closer to customers: traditional printed books and e-books, Casa del Libro bookstores in the main Spanish cities, reading clubs, commercial distribution networks that offer products through TV and online sales, face-to-face and distance learning, online stores, plus platforms for renting, purchasing and subscribing to film and television products.

International projection

Grupo Planeta extends its international vocation from its strong roots in Europe and Latin America. Its presence in over twenty-five Spanish-, Portuguese-, French- and Italian- speaking countries project it towards a cultural universe shared by nearly eight-hundred million people worldwide.

Innovators and leaders

Grupo Planeta has always been characterised by its innovative nature, in terms of products and formats alike, as well as in its promotion and commercialisation. The Group’s participation has enabled it to inject new life into the publishing and media sectors, as well as into leisure, entertainment and learning with its novel business strategy that is increasingly cross-disciplinary. This is permanently backed by its desire to lead each of the sectors where its companies exercise their activity.

Loyal to our ethical and corporate principles

All Grupo Planeta companies and staff share principles that are based on people, ethics, quality and excellence in work. Geared towards customer satisfaction and towards contributing value to society, our behaviour is governed by honesty and a respect for legality and for social values. Open to collaboration and partnerships, we value the prestige of our brand names and work to strengthen the leadership and innovation that characterises them. Our success is based on our track history and our projection into the future.

Code of Ethics

Grupo Planeta bases the practice of its business activity on the legal frameworks of the markets in which it operates, on respect for social values, and on honesty in its actions towards people and towards its environment. We firmly believe that our Group’s success is founded on the professionalism, conduct, personal integrity, and ethics of our staff.


Within Grupo Planeta’s corporate governance structure, our Code of Ethics constitutes the regulatory instrument of the highest level. Its principles are developed throughout all of our policies, standards, and procedures. It represents the Group’s commitment to complying with the laws and to the ethical values defended therein. At all levels of Grupo Planeta, real and effective application of these ethical principles will be ensured.


This document summarises the ethical principles that are the foundation for Grupo Planeta’s activity. It contains descriptions of those conducts that must be promoted and of those behaviours that must be avoided.