Grupo Planeta

Academia de Inteligência

A well-established imprint with Augusto Cury and his self-help catalogue

In 2006, Grupo Planeta acquired Academia de Inteligência from the family of its founder, Augusto Cury, a renowned self-help author. Today it is an imprint that is strongly identified with Planeta do Brasil and that has an assured presence at points of sale.

This publisher’s biggest success is the saga O Vendedor de Sonhos, by Augusto Cury himself, which occupies a prominent position in the fictional bestseller lists. The Academia catalogue focuses on five lines: Health and Wellbeing, Spirituality, Relations, Management, and Esotericism and Astrology, as well as investing in signature collections, including that of Augusto Cury.

Also prominent are national authors such as Heloisa Bernardes and Mario Sergio Andrade Silva, authorities in their respective fields of orthomolecular therapies and sports career training.