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The commitment of ATRESMEDIA to the progress and development of the audiovisual sector

ATRESMEDIA FORMACIÓN (ATRESMEDIA TRAINING) was born in 2017 as an ATRESMEDIA training program, open to everyone, for the development of future professionals in audiovisual media. Its extensive, practical and specialized training portfolio includes the most competitive areas in the industry, in which the company has considerable experience. A project for driving progress in the audiovisual industry, which has been joined by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The catalogue consists of more than 400 courses in the subjects inherent to the sector: television, radio, cinema, music, technical studies, news, etc., as well as different completely updated areas: communication skills, IT studies, legal and financial studies, commercial marketing, occupational risk prevention, multimedia, etc. The programme also provides other lines of work such as in-company training and associated training, which is designed to be provided in conjunction with other institutions such as universities and vocational training centres.

ATRESMEDIA FORMACIÓN has the formidable technical and professional capacity of ATRESMEDIA, the largest audiovisual communication group in our country, which aims to transfer its know-how and experience to young people who want to work in the industry and to professionals who want to keep up to date or who are looking for new opportunities.