Grupo Planeta

Editorial Joaquín Mortiz

The publisher of the great Mexican writers

Editorial Joaquín Mortiz was founded in 1962 and in 1985 it joined Grupo Planeta. During the Franco dictatorship its creator, Joaquín Díez-Canedo, signed letters sent to his mother in Madrid as Joaquín M. Ortiz and on occasion the surname and initial merged and gave rise to the name Joaquín Mortiz, which he would subsequently use to name the publishing company.

Editorial Joaquín Mortiz publishes, disseminates and promotes the different literary currents, from novels, literary essays, short stories, poetry and chronicles to humour.

The greatest personalities of Mexican literature have paraded through the catalogue of Editorial Joaquín Mortiz, and its collections of narrative and essay served as a springboard for several generations of the nowadays most renowned Mexican writers.

In its catalogue, Joaquín Mortiz maintains names of the stature of Jaime Sabines, Jorge Ibargüengoitia, Juan José Arreola, Rosario Castellanos and Agustín Yáñez, among others. It also periodically rescues living classics from the leading figures in Mexican letters and adds to its prestigious catalogue with new releases only from top-class authors.