Grupo Planeta


Devoted to childhood and youth

The FUNDACIÓN ATRESMEDIA was created in 2005 to channel ATRESMEDIA’s commitment to society. Its main objective is the protection of children and young people through programmes aimed at maximising their capabilities and facilitating their education. In the foundation’s actions, special attention is paid to hospitalised children and those suffering some kind of disability.

One of its most emblematic projects is the Hospital Assistance Programme, which includes actions to ensure that stays of children and adolescents in hospital are as pleasant as possible. The programme promotes the channel FAN3, the foremost children’s television channel for hospitalised children and young people, which broadcasts in nearly 100 hospitals all over Spain.

Furthermore, the foundation carries out important awareness-raising campaigns on issues such as children’s visual health, the protection of children’s rights and road safety.

The promotion of voluntary work is developed through two lines of action: encouraging and spurring the staff of ATRESMEDIA to become involved in voluntary work and the organisation of events and forums to promote voluntary work.

The FUNDACIÓN ATRESMEDIA organizes and participates in forums for debate and teaching (lectures, conferences, seminars, courses, round tables, etc.) which enable open reflection, the exchange of knowledge and experiences, the search for objectives and the determination of action policies on aspects always related to childhood and youth. These forums encompass such wide-ranging issues as the limits and obligations involved in employing children, the treatment of school bullying and the value of audiovisual contents as an educational tool.