Grupo Planeta

Institut Supérieur du Luxe

The Higher institute of Marketing of the Luxury

Sup de Luxe was founded by Cartier in 1990 and every year, it takes in 300 students from all over the world. Its network of 2800 graduates of all nationalities, spread throughout the world at the helm of luxury brands has provided the institute with endless success since its creation. It is the leader in the rankings of schools that prepare professionals associated with the luxury industry and its programs are gold standards in both France and the rest of the world.

Sup de Luxe provides the keys to the luxury world thanks to the unique opportunities it provides: teaching exclusively by professionals of luxury brands and companies. Weekly contact with decision-makers in the luxury industry. Sponsorship of students by professionals in the industry. Visits to companies, professional trade fairs, creation workshops, production centers, etc.

The main goals of Sup de Luxe are to create a hothouse of young managers for the professionals of the industry, promote the values of luxury by promoting and developing an observatory and a research and study center, and promoting a greater general knowledge of the sector through the regular publication of different works.