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Antena 3 TV

General television channel with the most objective news and the best entertainment

Antena 3 has programming for all audiences and brings together quality and rigour in its content, in the areas of information and in entertainment and fiction, which has put the channel among the leaders in television audience in Spain.

The editions of Antena 3 Noticias are the most widely viewed news programmes of all the private channels and those most widely recognized by the audience, who value their credibility and the work of the channel’s professional staff.

The channel is also a gold standard in terms of fiction, as shown by the new series and the following of series such as La Catedral del Mar, Cuerpo de élite and Fariña, which had the largest viewing figures. It’s two longest-running series are Amar es para siempre and El secreto de Puente Viejo. Antena 3 also marked a milestone when one of its series, La casa de papel, was awarded the first Emmy given to a Spanish production, which demonstrates the quality of the productions of the Series Atresmedia brand. 

In entertainment, Antena 3 also holds a solid position with programmes such as  ¡Ahora caigo!, La ruleta de la suerte and ¡Boom!, and the most viewed primetime daily show, El Hormiguero 3.0. The channel has also committed to the format of La Voz by promoting a version aimed at an adult audience (La Voz senior) and another aimed at a young audience (La Voz kids), together with the normal edition. 

Antena 3, as part of the policy of responsible change that characterizes Atresmedia, also broadcasts corporate-responsibility actions and campaigns, such as Ponle Freno and Tolerancia Cero.