Grupo Planeta

Ediciones Altaya

A standard-setting publishing imprint for quality collectibles related with the interests of its customers

The constant innovation and development of products of high quality continues to position Ediciones Altaya as a standard-setting imprint in the collectibles sector. Since it was founded in 1993, Ediciones Altaya has published over 200 titles that total over 600 editions in 12 different languages.

Ediciones Altaya, which became part of Editorial Planeta DeAgostini in 2009, focuses its business activity on the creation and production of collectible publishing works. These are released in Spain and in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Latin American countries through subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, and the company also maintains a consolidated presence in Europe in the markets of France, Belgium and Portugal. Furthermore, its works are published under licence in over 20 markets including England, Russia and Japan.

The distribution of Altaya’s collectible products takes place mainly through the newsstand channel, reaching over 100,000 points of sale, and also through direct marketing, both in the classic collectible formats and in new digital formats.