Grupo Planeta

Prisma Publicaciones

Publisher of non-daily press, corporate magazines and editorial services

Prisma Publicaciones was constituted in 1997 by Grupo Godó as a publisher of non-daily press (magazines, supplements, monographic specials and guides). In 2006, the company was strengthened following its agreement with Grupo Planeta. It publishes magazines such as Historia y Vida, doyen of history magazines since 1968; Interiores and Cocinas & Baños, with the latest tendencies in interior design; Psychologies, a unique women’s magazine; Playboy, the most widely-read men’s magazine in the world; and Lonely Planet, a fresh and modern approach to travel magazines.

Factoría Prisma is its division for producing corporate magazines and providing publishing services to large companies.

Factoría produces weekly and monthly supplements for the newspaper La Vanguardia, such as Què fem?, a Catalan reference regarding what’s on in leisure and culture terms; TV Manía, the most influential television supplement in Spain; Viajar, a travel and tourism magazine, and Salud&Vida, one of the oldest monthlies with a health theme. It also designs and produces special and commercial monographic magazines for La Vanguardia on countless different subjects.

Taking advantage of the publisher’s experience and specialist teams, Factoría Prisma also publishes different corporate magazines and offers comprehensive publishing services to major companies such as Nestlé, "la Caixa", Alliance Healthcare, CEAC and Scalextric.